Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 2, 2009 CAB Meeting

The next Kekahu Foundation/KKCR Community Advisory Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 6:30pm @ the Waimea Neighborhood Center, 4556 Makeke Road (mauka @ the Shrimp Station). Please carpool if you can. As always, we encourage participation, feedback and input from members, non-members, and anyone from the listening public. We are here for you, Westside people, and anyone else. This is your radio station. We'd love to welcome any perspective new members. Contact person, Fred 651-2815.

Aloha CAB and Friends, Attached is the updated CAB agenda for the 12/2 mtg. this Wed. at 6:30, at the Waimea Neighborhood Center. Also attached are the revised minutes from our 8/12 mtg. Please review these and bring any suggested changes to the meeting. Thank you Paul for taking and editing the minutes. And, thanks Larry for picking up the key, I'll send a separate email with directions.

Marj and I will be carpooling with Arnold at 5pm from the lot across from Small Town Coffee in Kapa`a. We have room for 1 or 2 more, from there or anywhere along the way. Let me know.

The Waimea N. Center is at 4556 Makeke Rd., Waimea. From the highway in town, after the Big Save, turn mauka opposite the Shrimp Station. If you can, please bring snacks or a pot luck dish, since we'll be there during dinner time. My # is 651-2815. See you there, fred


MEETING AGENDA for Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Waimea Neighborhood Center


1. 6:30 PM Call meeting to order---Chair


2. Roll call: attendance and absences--determine quorum---Secretary

3. Review & Approval of August 12, 2009 minutes---CAB


5. Public Input welcome Listeners, Guests

Questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.

6. Previous Business (brief reports, please)

a. Report from Nov.16th BOD mtg., Strategic Plan---BOD Rep., Fred

b. Status of IRS application for exemption---Fred

c. CAB Kuleana-NFCB Webinar Participation---Chair, CAB

7. New Business

a. Election results/Future elections---Marj, CAB

b. Membership/Fund Drive/Capital Campaign---Jerry

c. CAB on KKCR Mixed Plate 5th Monday---Paul, Fred

d. Future “Be Heard” meetings-CAB Participation?---Jerry

e. CAB recommendations---CAB

f. Time and place of next CAB mtg.

8. Close of General Business meeting---Chair

9. PAU


CAB Minutes August 12, 2009 Kapa'a Neighborhood Center

Guests: Kurtis and Kathy McMillan, Rosa, Traci, Kaio, GM Jerry Brocklehurst, Director Marj Dente.

CAB attending: Pua Nani Rogers, Mickey Sussman, Dr. Arnold Nurock, Mahelani Silva, Fred Dente, Paul Moody Excused: Dr. Larry Magnusson

Fred called the meeting to order at 6:08PM. Marj Dente offered a pule. The roll call found a quorum to be present. Nani moved to accept the minutes of the last meeting, seconded by Mickey. Acceptance of the minutes was approved.
Fred announced that Katy Rose and Kimi Sodoyama are no longer able to continue as CAB Members. Fred read a letter from Katy. Fred will send letters to both thanking them for their service. Fred had attended the meeting of Conflict Resolution/Policy and Decision Making group. Fred announced that Andy Parx's blog had been critical of the KKCR Management.
The McMillans who have an interest in becoming involved with KKCR were introduced. Kurtis hopes that the station will feature more local music. Kaio had met with Jack at the studio and has an interest in having a show. Jerry explained the training requirement and station values, and said that opportunities for new programs will be coming up.
Marj discussed the last BOD meeting which was held at the Humane Society, and announced that there would be a Development meeting on August 17 with the goal to raise matching funds for the technical grants. A memorandum of understanding for remote broadcasts was passed, along with a no talk stink policy. Marj noted that applicants were sought to be BOD members.
Fred announced that he and Marj and Katherine and Jerry Brocklehurst met with Michael Titterton of Hawaii Public Radio in Honolulu. Fred reviewed the past CAB suggestions presented to the BOD. Marj suggested that Fred research the legal aspect of specifying that our non-profit is a membership organization, as when we applied for 501c3 status.
In new businesss, Fred reviewed the CPB requirements of the CAB, and there was a discussion of what and how much the CAB should be doing. This discussion will continue at the next meeting. The CAB will have an hour live on-air show each month in which there are five Mondays, starting August 31. Jerry noted that he urges talk shows to plan ahead and produce on-air promos.
Jerry reported on the station's Be Heard project, which focuses on the island economy. There was a discussion by those in attendance at those meetings. Mahelani Silva led the discussion at the first Be Heard meeting in Waimea.
Fred opened the meeting for public comment. Rosa asked how the Strategic Planning meetings regarding Programming would affect her bringing up questions regarding station programming. There was discussion of the number of hours of service that the station requires of volunteers. Also, discussion re the CAB possibly sponsoring an annual membership meeting, and dicussion of pot references on a website linked to kkcr.org.
Fred asked for CAB recommendations to be presented to the BOD. There was a discussion of elections to select board members. This issue will be considered again at the next CAB meeting. No recommendations were made at this meeting. Rosa commented that there should be a plan specifying the airtime needed to educate members to vote. Jerry sent a media announcement of the elections.
The next CAB meeting will be at Waimea NC, December 2. Pau at 8:27 PM

Minutes submitted by Paul Moody, Secretary