Saturday, July 18, 2009

Community Advisory Board Meeting Aug. 12, 2009

Aloha Kakou, The CAB is down to nine members. Our next meeting will be on Wed., August 12, 2009, at 6pm in the Craft Room at the Kapa`a Neighborhood Center. I had to change the meeting date twice due to conflicts, and the unavailability of meeting rooms. Perhaps, someone of us will offer their hale for the next mtg?
In the mean time, please try to recruit folks for the one available Board of Directors position to be elected by the membership, and more community members for the CAB.

There will be a potluck BBQ on Sunday, July 19 from 3 to 5 at KKCR. We'll all help replace the tarp over the outside lounge area, which shouldn't take long. Then, we'll eat and hang with each other. It will be a great opportunity to communicate with the staff, the Board, Volunteers, CAB members and Friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Please come if you can.

See you at the meetings. Many Blessings and Aloha to you, fred


This Memorandum of Understanding is made by and between Kekahu Foundation, Inc., licensee of noncommercial educational FM station KKCR, Hanalei, Hawaii (“KKCR” or “the Station”), and



(the “Programmer”), collectively here, the Parties.

WHEREAS, the Station is in process of developing a system of “distributed broadcasting” whereby several programmers may contribute regular or occasional program feeds from remote locations; and

WHEREAS the Programmer is in process of developing an origination site for this purpose; and

WHEREAS the Parties wish to clarify their respective rights and responsibilities under this project.

The Parties THEREFORE AGREE as follows --

1. Programmer understands and agrees that KKCR is a radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, and that the Station had the responsibility to program the station as it sees fit in the public interest, including the selection of programs and the right to broadcast or not broadcast any program or program segment.

2. Programmer understands and agrees that the Station also is subject to certain FCC program content rules, including but not limited to rules regarding underwriter announcements, indecency, political broadcasting, copyright, and others. Programmer will undertake reasonable efforts not to furnish any program that it knows or should know would be in violation of FCC rules or policies.

3. The Parties understand and agree that the Station’s broadcasts also will be streamed on the internet. The Parties will cooperate with one another to secure all necessary rights and clearances for such streaming.

4. By furnishing programs, programs segments or material to be used in segments, Programmer agrees that it is furnishing to the Station a non-exclusive, world-wide copyright in all such material. In case of any secondary re-use of such programs, beyond the initial broadcast and streaming, the Parties agree to cooperate with one another, to notify the other Party and to make appropriate acknowledgement of creative contributions.

5. While this MOU is in effect: The Station agrees to maintain broadcast errors and omissions insurance, with customary limits for small stand-alone public radio stations. The Programmer agrees to maintain premises liability insurance for persons visiting or working at the origination point.

6. The Parties to date have not made any plans for a Party to pay another Party for activities under this project. The Parties agree to cooperate with one another in gathering and preparing information in support of any application that either Party may make for foundation grants or government assistance with respect to any aspect of this project.

7. Either Party may terminate its part of this MOU by giving thirty days’ advance written notice to the other Party. This MOU may be amended only by a writing signed by both Parties.

8. The Parties understand and agree that this MOU is between the Station and the Programmer. It is understood and agreed that the Station intends to enter into several like arrangement with other programmers.

Understood and agreed:

Dated: By:_________________________
Print Name: __________________
For: ________________________

Dated: By: __________________________
Print Name: ___________________
For Kekahu Foundation, Inc.
(KKCR or the station)