Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CAB Meeting Tonight

Aloha Everyone, Tonight night is our 3rd CAB mtg. of 2009. I hope you can all attend, and bring any interested Friends and potential volunteers with you. We want to hear feedback from listeners, that is our kuleana. We also need new members on the CAB, the BOD, BOD committee members and Strategic Plan committee members, as well as prospective programmers, engineers and volunteer staff. It's an ongoing need, please plug in when you can.

Attached are the revised minutes of our 4/29 mtg. and our current agenda for tomorrow's mtg. See you there, fred

MEETING AGENDA for Wed. August 12, 2009

MEETING AGENDA for Wed. August 12, 2009
Kapa`a Neighborhood Center


1. 6PM Call meeting to order Chair


2. Roll call: attendance and absences--determine quorum Secretary

3. Review & Approval of April 29, 2009 Minutes CAB

4. Announcements Chair

5. Public Input welcome Listeners, Guests

Questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.

6. Previous Business (brief reports please)

a. Report from Last BOD mtg., Strategic Plan, 2 New Policies BOD Rep.

b. HPR visit Jerry, Marj, Fred

c. Status of past CAB recommendations-IRS Application Chair

7. New Business

a. CAB Kuleana-expand or leave alone? CAB

b. CAB on KKCR Mixed Plate 5th Monday Aug. 31 Chair

c. “Be Heard” report--CAB participation in outreach Jerry, Marj

d. CAB recommendations CAB

e. Time and place of next CAB mtg.

8. Close of General Business Meeting Chair

9. PAU

Minutes of the April 2009 meeting,,

Kekahu Foundation / KKCR Community Advisory Board
Minutes of the April 29009 meeting,, 2Kapa’a Neighborhood Center

CAB members attending: Fred Dente, Paul Moody, Dr.Arnold Nurock, Puanani Rogers, Katy Rose, Mary Stone, Mickey Sussman, Steve Yoder
Guests attending: Jerry Brocklehurst, Rick Cooper, Marj Dente, Tek Nickerson

President Fred Dente called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM and offered an opening prayer. A quorum was in attendance. The meeting minutes from the February 4, 2009 meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Fred announced that Larry Lasota and Jimmy Trujillo were the Outreach Committee for the Kekahu Foundation BOD. Jerry announced that the station had received a grant to study community engagement. 7 CAB members volunteered for the Fund Fest. Kimie and Mary volunteered to represent KKCR at the Earth Day event. Fred and Marj and Jerry are working to finalize the founders tribute.

Kelly and Mary decided not to continue on the CAB. Elections were held for CAB officers. Elected officers for the next year are President: Fred Dente, Vice-President: Mickey Sussman, Secretary: Paul Moody.

Kekahu Foundation Board member Marj Dente gave a report on the last board meeting. There will be four open board positions for the fall 2009 election. The terms for Marj and Carl Imparato will be ending and there are two currently unfilled positions. The BOD passed the Strategic Plan and will hold a meeting after May 20 to adjust dates in the timeline. The BOD also approved a new policy on decision making. Governance and Outreach committees will be forming soon, and Marj reminded the CAB members that new members are needed for those committees. The call for volunteer members also went out for the BOD and the CAB, and for Strategic Plan committees.

Marj Dente also gave a short report on the NFCB conference which she attended along with Jerry Brocklehurst and Lyn McNutt.

Fred reported that the BOD received the two CAB recommendations voted on at the last meeting. The CAB had recommended that 100% of board members be elected by the membership, and that the board help Station Manager Jerry Brocklehurst increase the amount of public affairs programming to 20% of total programming.

Tek Nickerson was welcomed as a guest to speak to the CAB. He is a Wailua Homesteads resident and first began listening to KKCR in 2005. He said that as a father and a grandfather that he became concerned when he heard that KCC was preparing a facility that would be used as one of the remote studios for KCCR. Tek said that some music aired on KKCR’s programs was almost a promotion of the use of marijuana, and that there was indecent language and improper sexual references. This was steering young people toward the wrong life choices, and possible trouble with the law. Tek felt that KCC should draw the line and not participate with the station. A discussion followed with CAB members thanking Tek for bringing his comments to us. Jerry said that there was good progress being made building a culture of mutual respect at the station. KCC will be responsible for their own programs, but must meet the station’s requirements. Fred thanked Tek Nickerson again for bringing his views to the CAB and urged him and others to do so in the future.

Marj asked for help in finding candidates for the BOD, suggestions can be sent to Marj. She also noted that one of the NFCB workshops had a discussion of IRS applications for non-profit status. The 501(c)(3) form asks about how the organization is governed. Fred stated that the Kekahu Foundation’s IRS application states that we are to be governed by a membership elected board, not a self elected board, and that we have been out of compliance since 1996.

CAB recommendations for the BOD were considered. It was moved and seconded that the CAB again recommend that 100% of board members be elected by the voting membership. The motion passed to recommend. The vote was 4-3. No other recommendations were brought forward.

It was decided to schedule the next CAB meeting for July 29. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Submitted by Paul Moody, CAB Secretary