Sunday, April 25, 2010

CAB Meeting Minutes 3/10/10

Kekahu Foundation/KKCR Community Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2010 Kapa'a Neighborhood Center

Attending: Fred Dente, Larry Magnussen, Paul Moody, Arnold Nurock, Puanani Rogers, Mickey Sussman Guest: Gary Hoover Absent: Mahelani Silva, Steve Yoder

Fred called the meeting to order at 6:36PM with a quorum present, and offered the pule.

Fred noted that there was an announcement in December from NFCB for a Public Affairs and News grant opportunity, but that the March 1 deadline had now passed.

Gary said it is frustrating that the KAQA is down so often. Mickey commented that there should be a way to contact KIUC on weekends or during off hours.

Nani asked about the station's announcements during the tsunami alert. Larry wondered if staff was called in and if so what their duties were, and noted that emergency response needs to be both balanced and directed. Fred said that emergency procedures should be discussed at the upcoming programming meeting.

There was no report on the January 20, 2010 BOD meeting.

There was discussion of the Fund Fest and the Waimea Town Festival events. Gary noted the importance of having a presence at the Waimea Festival. The sound in the Resort ballroom has been criticized both for the Fund Fest and this season's EKK.

The Ruby fundraiser turnout was disappointing. That weekend was packed with other events. Mickey feels that the station needs to be selective in planning fundraiser concerts.

The minutes of the December 2009 meeting were reviewed. Larry moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Mickey. Minutes were accepted.

Fred, Nani, Larry, Paul, Arnold and Mickey wish to continue as CAB members. Election of officers resulted in no candidates for Chair, Mickey will continue as Vice-chair and Paul as Secretary. Fred will contact Mahelani and Steve to see if they wish to continue as members. Fred announced that he received a letter from Joshua Fukino expressing interest, but Joshua was unable to attend this meeting. Gary Hoover was seated as a CAB member. Fred will stay on as Chair through the June 2nd meeting.

Fred will respond to John Peck's question concerning radiation from the “Missing Link” microwave link.

There was a discussion of underwriting and specifically Suzanne Woodruff's KIUC letter in the Garden Island. The impression to listeners is that underwriters support specific programs, and the opportunity for an underwriter to choose to underwrite only programs which they choose were at issue. Fred will research what type of underwriting contracts are legal.

Fred forwarded a copy of the station’s original application for non-profit status to John Gordon on December 9, 2009. Fred will email copies to all CAB members.

The next CAB meeting is scheduled for June 2 at Caffe Coco.
A special meeting will be announced to plan revisions to CAB procedures. Fred will book Caffe Coco and email members. Gary wondered if we could have our official meeting on air.

Discussion of a suggestion that the CAB organize and produce an annual meeting was deferred.

Discussion of a suggestion that the CAB facilitate the Be Heard Meetings was deferred.

Paul will record a PSA for our Fifth Monday CAB program on March 29.

There are no new CAB recommendations for the BOD.

Pau 8:47PM

Submitted by Paul Moody, Secretary

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